I received my first camera as a gift in 2001; an old Canon DSLR with a Burgundy leather neck strap. I fell in love with photography, mostly shooting images of my younger brother or the countryside around my hometown in Manchester. I’ve been capturing images ever since.


I’m documenting my hiking, climbing, running, van life, writing, travel and photography adventures over on my YouTube channel. 


I’m never more than three feet away from a journal. Nestled safely in the side netting of our camper van, crumpled at the bottom of my hiking rucksack and lining the drawers of my office desk lie dozens of pages of scrawled notes and half finished journal entries. Some make it, and here they are. 

The Yorkshire Three Peaks

We piled into the van at 6am in early March, pulling open the door to the musty smell of our hiking shoes and damp waterproofs. Having eased ourselves between bags of snacks and assorted Gore-Tex we set off for a small café which marks the start of the Yorkshire Three...

Bouldering at Ash Head

''Those of us with adventure on our minds have a tendency to look outwards, to wider expanses in emptier corners of the map, but we forget what we might find right here at home''. One of the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year was to explore home more....